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My name is Eddie Ruxspin and I am the founder of Ruxspin Music. I began my music career as a DJ at the age of 13 and have been making music for the past 12+ years. In 2002-2003, I attended Los Angeles Recording School and received my certification as a sound engineer.. I am currently working with Throttle House Records & Henchlord Records. With the help of a couple friends MaxRebo, Sketchomatic (The Intro Man), Jamsus (New Ethics) & BigFernsTheChef (RuxspinMusic) we've been able to provide quality music from concept to completion. Artists include (Kottonmouth Kings, The Dirtball, Chucky Chuck, Mega Fiasco, The Nomadz , New Ethics, Adverse & Rockwell, Willie of Wilshire & more) we also like networking with other artist/groups that have experience and take music seriously. On my free time I like to volunteer and teach younger producer/ engineers the tricks of the trade through a program called Project Rytmo (Reaching Youth Through Music Opportunities). 

Feel free to contact me for beats, mixing & mastering at

© 2020 by RuxspinMusic. 

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